Brand New Auditing Technology Improves Health and Safety

13/11/2015 20:50

When it comes to health and safety matters, the optimal operational practice is to ensure that best standards of health and safety practice are utilised in a company.

To commence this process, a firm has to control, monitor,and tightly manage a wide range of employee and operational processes like:

  • recording compliance, non compliance and identifying preventive measures
  • maintaining records and ensuring proper use of operational manuals and procedures
  • making sure that clarity of understanding regarding procedures and effective communications are maintained
  • identifying measures to correct non-compliances
  • continual improvement vs operational standards and key performance indicators

Recently, auditing management tools have enabled the collection of audit inspection data.
Hand-held data capture via PDAs or tablet computers can be used to conduct audits on remote sites, monitor non-compliant health and safety issues and also give operations managers greatly improved knowledge and control to reduce operational risks.

This combined with the use of an internet interface means efficiencies can be made through the follow up and resolution of non-compliance. Data is uploaded online to an integrated database which results in an ability to identify issues instantly.

The best mobile auditing solutions are very easy to use with a minimal user learning curve which enables workers to fully utilise a system from day one. Modern systems vastly improve data retrieval as well as remove administration headaches, free up resources for auditing, make collection of information easier and help managers to more effectively improve compliance. They remove the requirement for handwritten data entry which helps improve quality and effectiveness via reduced administration. Pictures of problem areas can be captured, email reports automatically issued distributed with a further backup copy provided via the internet if PC hardware becomes faulty on site.

By deploying internet based auditing systems, companies activities from different facilities can be determined. as they are capable of being scaled up and deployed fast.



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